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Poll Results: "Pry XP From Our Cold, Dead Hands"
[2008-05-02] This article should probably start with the acknowledgement that ZDNet's readers don't represent the average person; a poll of them isn't the best measure of America (or the world). Still, 48 percent of respondents in a ZDNet poll can see themselves running XP six years from now.

Why Your Vista PC Won't go to Sleep
[2007-12-17] For the last few days, my wife's PC (that I'm almost done building) wouldn't go to sleep when I hit the appropriate button on the keyboard.

Vista Service Pack 1 Details, Blocker Software
[2007-12-11] Long Zheng has a detailed list of the major changes in Windows Vista Service Pack 1, coming in beta any day now.

How do I Quick Hide my Windows XP Screen?
[2007-11-21] This is a simple question and I used to know the answer. In an office setting, I have many people coming in to ask questions.

Reformatting a Mac-formatted iPod for Windows
[2007-11-05] Hi Dave, was wondering if you had any advice for me? I've been given an old iPod which has been formatted by a Macintosh. Is there any way of reformatting it for Windows XP.

Windows Live Events
[2007-10-15] Microsoft launced Windows Live Events, a new service underneath Windows Live Spaces that lets you schedule events, invite your contacts and handle who's coming.

Microsoft Loses Anti-trust Appeal
[2007-09-17] It's been announced today that Microsoft has lost its appeal against a record 497 million euro (£343 million; $690 million) fine imposed by the European Commission in a long-running competition dispute.

Windows Live Translator Launched
[2007-09-10] Microsoft has launched a new service/feature for Windows Live Search, a Windows Live Translator Beta that lets you translate to and from English.

Forced to Use Windows
[2007-08-27] One of the unexpected outcomes of a Bittorrent system admin from elite torrents is the courts order to use Windows.

New Home Page Launched for Windows Live
[2007-08-13] Microsoft has launched a new beta home page for Windows Live, available now at

Windows Vista's Two Firewalls
[2007-07-30] I've heard that Windows Vista Ultimate has two different firewalls included; I want to be able to scan both incoming and outgoing data. How do I do that? Does it matter which firewall I use?

Stopping Vista From Showing Last Accessed Files
[2007-07-23] I've made the move to Microsoft Windows Vista and am digging the new interface, but I am a bit frustrated that anyone else who uses my computer can see the latest applications and files I've worked with right on the Start menu. Is there some easy solution?

Windows Live Cost Growth
[2007-07-20] Jordan McCollum, Harrison Hoffman and Mary Jo Foley are talking about Microsoft's earnings report, especially the new numbers for the Online Services Business (OSB).

Vista Service Pack 1 Coming Earlier Than Expected
[2007-07-09] Well, Microsoft kinda lied.

Parental Controls in Windows Vista
[2007-06-25] I am running Windows Vista on the family computer, which means that there are several different users. Is there a way for me to prevent other family members from accessing my school and work files or limiting access to the computer? I've heard Windows Vista provides some sort of feature to do this?

Installing Vista in Parallels 3
[2007-06-11] I just read about Parallels 3.0 being released which is very cool, but rather than run Windows XP in Parallels, as you've written about, I want to run Microsoft Vista on my Mac instead. I have a MacBook Pro with 2GB RAM: is that enough? And if so, how do I install Vista in Parallels?

Preview Handler Wrapper For Outlook 2007 In XP
[2007-05-29] Gil Azar has written a Preview Handler wrapper for Outlook 2007 under Windows XP that gives it the ability to preview all sorts of types of files.

Microsoft Lets You Take Your Desktop with You
[2007-05-14] In another move that will make it harder for companies to keep track of their documents and where they go.

Vista ‘Ease of Access’ Backdoor Logon
[2007-04-30] Follwing my recent post about removing or disabling the Ease of Access Icon, located in the lower left hand corner of the Windows Vista login screen.

Windows Live Spaces April Updates
[2007-04-23] The Windows Live Spaces Team has not only released a ton of new feautues for Windows Live Spaces but has also supplled my pals over at LiveSide with some interesting stats.

Windows Live Services Feedback Page Updated
[2007-04-16] Microsoft has now updated it's Windows Live sites, services, and products feedback site ( with a new total of 31, that's 10 less than the 41 that there was previously in July last year.

Vista Seeing Strong Sales
[2007-04-02] Microsoft issued a press release saying that Windows Vista is seeing strong early sales, with 20 million licenses sold between January 30 and February 28.

Turning Microsoft Around
[2007-03-12] [Disclaimer: Arm chair quarterbacking is easy, execution is a heck of a lot harder]

Fix For Windows Vista 64-Bit IE7 User String Bug
[2007-02-13] Aaron Stebner has posted about some particularly thorny issues with installing MSN Remote Record on 64-bit versions of Windows Vista.

Microsoft Extends Life Extension for Windows XP
[2007-02-01] Microsoft has announced that extended support for Windows XP Home will be extended five extra years, reaching all the way to April 2014.

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